Pharmacy Law Notes

Hello and welcome to my blog.  My name is Peter P. Cohron.  I am a pharmacist and an attorney.  I practice pharmacy for one of the Big Three chains currently and have a private law practice I run out of my home.  Though I have done legal work in many areas, most of my time is spent on pharmacy law, most but not all of this on Kentucky pharmacy law as I live and practice in the Bluegrass State.

I taught pharmacy and health law part time at a Top Ten college of pharmacy for nine years.  Since 1998, I have presented Kentucky pharmacy law reviews for new pharmacy school graduates, with a pass rate for attendees of 98%.

For ten years, I did an e-mail newsletter titled “Pharmacy Law Notes” before it was considered by the bar association as advertising.  PLN had, if I may brag, a good following until I had to cancel it.  Well, the same bar association has now decided that blogs are not advertising.  I am not advertising for clients here–I am seeking to provide a means for pharmacists and other interested persons to stay abreast of those legal issues that cross my path  (though were my entrancing, educational and entertaining posts a catalyst to you hiring me, that is fine).

So, the posts that follow will contain the following: descriptions of current pharmacy related legal cases; my own experiences with clients (who permit me to tell their stories); trends in the law; Board opinions, decisions, etc.; and my editorial opinion on all the above.

And I have already been asked: “Can we ask questions?”  Yes, I answer questions from pharmacists every day.  You can use this site or e-mail me at  “Do you charge for answering questions?”  Most often, I do not.  But if it requires time and effort, I probably will state a fee.

This is a site still under construction, and a big part of that will be your feedback on the posts.  I welcome thoughts, comments, stories, and constructive criticism (and I do mean “constructive.”  Please do not be like the person on Goodreads who took my review of “HRC” and responded with a derogatory political diatribe.).

How often will I post?  When I did PLN, I averaged 8-12 posts a year.  I hope to do better than that but we’ll have to see.

Vineet, thanks for your help in setting this up.  Everyone else, Vineet did a lot to get this going.  That I am starting with the site still under construction (design wise) is a reflection on me, not him.

8 thoughts on “Pharmacy Law Notes

    1. No, sir. I am done for the year, unless a group comes to me wanting me to do one. However, the materials–a written review of KY MPJE pharmacy law and a 70 question practice exam–are available for $100.

      1. How would someone go about purchasing your review materials? I just got a job with UK, and I am interested in something to assist with the study process.

  1. Hello, I am planning on taking the KY MPJE later this year and I was wondering how I would go about purchasing your study materials to help me prepare for the exam. Thank you!

  2. I am interested in purchasing review materials for the KY MPJE. Do you still provide this service? If so, how much do they cost and how would I go about receiving them?

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