About Pharmacy Law Notes

Pharmacy Law Notes is a blog  that follows my experiences and research into current pharmacy and medico-legal issues.  These blogs will describe and follow legal trends, important cases, Board opinions and actions, new federal and state laws, etc.

I am a 1980 graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy and a 1993 graduate of the UK College of Law.  I am a practicing pharmacist with almost 34 years of experience, most of it in retail but with some hospital experience early in my career.  I am an attorney with almost 20 year of practice behind me, my practice focusing but not wholly limited to pharmacy law related issues and estate planning (hey, pharmacists make a pretty good income; they need to plan ahead).  I also taught part of the pharmacy law class at the UK College of Pharmacy from 2002-10.

Disclaimer: Sorry, I know you are not dumb dorks but a disclaimer is required.  This is a general review of the law and should not be relied on when legal issues arise in your pharmacy.  When I paraphrase statutes and regulations, I may (highly unlikely but may) misinterpret them.  Do not compare circumstances in your actual practice with scenarios in this blog and use them to decide how to handle the matter yourself.  As stated in my introductory post, I welcome questions by phone, text, e-mail, etc.  Even more so, if circumstances occur, call a lawyer.

2 thoughts on “About Pharmacy Law Notes

  1. Your Indiana MPJE review is a bit dated. There were very few questions from your review on the exam I took two weeks ago. Wanted to let you know for future reviews.

    1. Cullen,
      Thank you for the feedback. Yours is the first to say this, but I took the TENN MPJE two weeks ago and I only studied my materials for it. They were helpful enough that I passed. However, the questions were, as you said, hardly related to what I studied. When the MPJE competencies were changed, it obviously took a year or so for the question topics and format to follow. There is, or was on the TENN exam, a strong leaning toward requiring not only knowledge of the law but analysis of it also. I am in the process of reviewing my materials to–such as they can be–adapt to the changes. If you would like to comment further, I would welcome it. Email is petercohron@gmail.com

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